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Mission and Values

Some tasks feel much bigger than they actually are. I’ve been trying to go through old junk and downsize the clutter in my house with no success. Lori spent just an hour and half with me recently and I feel 20 lbs lighter. 1 whole bag of stuff to good will, 3 full bags of trash, a CLEAN and MANAGEABLE closet and laundry area and peace of mind… did i mention peace of mind? I can keep myself motivated in the business world, but am so guilty of letting my personal life fall by the way side. Thank you so much Lori!! If any of you need a jump start, give Lori a call… she keeps you moving and gets stuff done! —Colleen J., South Philadelphia


Our mission is therefore to understand the needs of clients / patrons and associates, to be consistent on their expectations by delivering personal and world class service to them.


At Keystone Concierge our vision is to be recognized and preferred in a community where everyone’s basic needs are met.


K – Kind

E – Excellent Synergy

Y – Your Other Hands

S – Sense of Urgency

T – Teamwork

O – Open Mind

N – Networking

E – Extraordinary Service

C – Continuous Improvement

O – Ownership

N – Natural Human Touches

C – Courteous

I – Innovative Mind

E – Environmental Care

R – Respect

G – Guest Loyalty

E – Extra Pride in what we do