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Personal Assistant Services

Lori contacted me through an advertisement I placed on Craig’s List for a part-time secretary for my web design firm. I now use her approximately two hours a week for assistance with organizing, prioritizing, and filing. I find that it is a greater value to have someone as efficient as Lori assisting me on a limited basis then having a person sitting in my office full time. She has been very flexible about setting up meeting times that work for me and is great about following up with me. What a find! —Ira P., – Fishtown

Personal Assistant Services

Keystone Concierge is Center City Philadelphia’s premier concierge service for home and business. We are proud of our top customer satisfaction ratings –

Call now, for a single project or an ongoing assignment. Keystone Concierge is at your service offering a complete roster of Personal Assistant Services:


  • taking your car in for service
  • getting your car washed


  • dry cleaning – pick up/delivery
  • shoe repair
  • standing in line to buy tickets


  • pick up and delivery of important papers
  • pick up and delivery of packages
  • delivering birthday or holiday gifts


  • house cleaning
  • organizing
  • waiting for delivery – furniture, appliances, etc.
  • waiting on repair/phone/cable people
  • waiting on construction


  • for moving
  • to get vacation home ready/open
  • for storage
  • unpacking and organizing


  • dog walking
  • taking pet to the vet
  • taking pet to the groomer
  • food and litter services


  • typing
  • filing and organizing
  • organizing meeting details
  • notary services
  • dial by number phone system calls


  • services for home bound people
  • grocery shopping
  • gift shopping
  • search for hard-to-find items


  • to/from doctors appointments
  • running errands for home bound people
  • pick up at the pharmacy


  • painting
  • light maintenance
  • hanging pictures, shelving

Special Occasions

  • arrange romantic evening
  • gift selection and wrapping
  • staging home for event
  • butler home event

Packing For Home or Small Business

  • take items to UPS, USPS or FEDEX
  • complete packing services for moving
  • unpacking services
  • organizing and filing
  • temporary packing for storage or vacation home
  • special handling of fragile items
  • local courier services
  • cleaning services before or after move

Basic IT Services

  • software upload
  • virus repair

Lori comes out to my house approximately once a month to help me stay organized. She is undaunted by the piles of paperwork that I accumulate. She sorts, files, and shreds them with great efficiency. While she is here Lori also enters my business receipts onto my company’s expense reimbursement form which required little explanation on my part. Assisting with expense reimbursement has offset the cost of hiring Keystone Concierge since I no longer let them mount and expire. Lastly, Lori tidies my home before leaving. As someone who travels frequently it is wonderful to be able to come home and enjoy the tranquility of my home instead of stressing about mounds of paperwork and undone housework. —Bruce S., Southampton, NJ