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We’d enjoy hearing about your experiences having Keystone Concierge handling your chores and errands. Please send your story (and photos) to: Also, please let us know whether it’s OK to publish your name or if we should keep that confidential. Thanks!

Lori is amazing beyond belief! I found the Keystone Concierge info online when I was looking for someone to come in regularly and clean my father’s apartment after his release from hospital (I live in another city). Lori and her colleagues have done far more than I had even hoped – they let me know how he’s doing, they identify needs and obtain whatever it is (trashcan, more sheets), they are efficient and reliable. I am now hoping to hire Lori to help my sister-in-law pack for a forthcoming move – I think there is nothing she can’t do! — Jenny D., New York


Lori turned a two-foot tall pile of unfiled papers into an organized, coherent filing system. It took me half the normal time to file my taxes due to being able to find all of my records so quickly. And when the state of New Jersey asked for a copy of my deed I knew just where to look. Thanks Lori!
—Robert S., Collingswood, NJ


Lori helped me with when I was moving myself and husband to a new house after 20 years in the old one. My husband was working his new job & it was my job to get us moved . When I found Lori I was at the end of my rope trying to do it all , I think I cried while on the phone with her! She came over and everything changed from then on. Lori ripped though ” to do” lists that had gathered dust for weeks before hand. She was always saying, to me “what’s next? We did in hours what would take me weeks She loves helping people , she loves figuring out something can be done and clearing the decks. I have told Lori often she saved my life, and I’m not kidding ! Not only have I hired Lori directly, but I have hired others she told me about with great results. Do yourself a favor and hook up with her! —Annie L., Bryn Mawr / Roxborough


Everyone knows that Philadelphia is famous for their cheesesteaks! And, Pat’s is the place to get them. I was hoping to get a cheesesteak from Pat’s sent to me in Dallas TX for my husband’s birthday. But Pat’s doesn’t ship and none of my friends were willing to take on the challenge. So, I found a listing for Keystone Concierge on Craig’s List and the incredible Lori was able to handle the packaging and shipping of the cheesesteakes the day of my call. When reheated and assembled, they tasted as if fresh from the stand. My husband loved it! Thanks again! —Louise, Dallas, TX


Lori was my administrative assistant for five years. Then she started Keystone Concierge – and knowing how capable she was, I hired her to handle the repair of my roof on short notice. She was able to meet me at 10:00p when I arrived in from NYC and was departing for three weeks the following day. Not only did I instructed her about my roofing needs bus also I asked her to purchase and plant shrubs and flowers in my garden since most had died from neglect as I travel frequently. She had the roof done in a number of days and the new garden is great! Lori invoiced me for all items using PayPal -which was very convenient. What a lifesaver! —Carl M., Center City


I moved to Philadelphia in April 2006 after being displaced by hurricane Katrina. I was too exhausted to unpack and get settled into a new city after coming here via Houston and Baton Rouge. Luckily, my husband found Keystone Concierge on the internet and Lori said that she could help me. She was there the following day! She has been my personal assistant since then and helps me with such things as cleaning, shopping, post-surgical care, and more. I cannot imagine being able to handle this move without Lori and Keystone Concierge. I can hardily recommend Lori! —Mary S., Society Hill


Lori is a client of my company, SmarterFuel, and I used her to assist me with finding a vendor for bumper stickers and again for finding a Chinese translator for my business. She is currently working on ordering monogrammed shirts for my staff and I. Being an extremely busy entrepreneur myself I found it helpful to have someone to help me with these tasks that I would otherwise struggle to find time for. Keystone Concierge is perfect for small companies! Lori knows all the ins-and-outs of the office and she a computer wiz. —Dave Dunham,, Harleysville PA